I made a yoga book. I was super excited to see it published, because I spent many months illustrating all of these yoga positions that I thought could be useful in ordinary life. Unfortunately, I signed an agreement with a German company which didn‘t really distribute it well, neither here or abroad, so pretty much nobody except my immediately family and very close friends saw it (thanks to you all for buying it!).
Anyway, i am still proud of it and think it reflects how we multitask in this weird and sometimes exceedingly hectic world and try to find peace or at least relative sanity whilst doing those ordinary tasks from going to the hairstylist to making beds and keeping the children from killing one another.
The book is entitled, „Enlightened“ (In German it is called „Endlich Erleuchtet“) and I am posting some of the poses (also called „asanas“). This book is NOT just for yogis, it is really for everyone who exists in this world and tries to keep it all together on a regular basis.
Many of the illustrations are also available as greeting cards.
I hope you like it!